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ola. nvs. [Hawaiian Dictionary]

Meaning: life, health, well-being, living, livelihood, means of support, alive, living; curable, recovered; healed; to live; save, heal, thrive.

The Ola Agency
was founded by Mieke Ola with 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. A passionate Femtrepreneur and travel enthusiast, Mieke envisioned an agency that empowers health, wellness, and health tech brands to positively impact the world.

The Ola Agency excels in building thriving brand communities that connect people with the holistic products and services they need. Operating from its headquarters in Cape Town, the agency collaborates with clients worldwide, including in New York, Paris, and Berlin.

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We recently approached Mieke for help with a social media campaign for one of our global clients. Mieke and her team were extremely professional - from our very first production meeting until we received the final finished images. My client too was very impressed with the entire process. We are looking forward to working together on the next campaign.

Dino Peros Creative director, Navy Creative

Mieke founder of The Ola Agency, worked for me at myUTOPIA and is always the ultimate professional. Loved working with her and how passionate she is about everything she takes on.

Sandi Dekker Corporate Executive, myUTOPIA

The Ola Agency was great to work with! They have been a huge value add to our team, wearing many hats such as brand marketing, creative content, photography, social media, and much more. Extremely professional, reliable, and timely with all deliverables. We especially loved their photoshoot capabilities, as they provided high quality imagery and videography. We are looking forward to working with The Ola Agency again!

Morris Zeitouni Founder, Friendly Blues
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